Text in Context

Over the past three weeks a number of studio meetings have taken place in which I presented examples of artworks which utilised a wide variety of materials, from those discussions arose a suggestion of using text. Subsequent discussions included consideration of the contexts in which text might be displayed and how meaning is created by the relationship between site and sign.  As a consequence of these studio discussions the group questioned the whether or not they wanted to make artwork(s) for a gallery space in Cardiff, as planned. Dialogue about the placement of artworks outside of the gallery space interestingly stimulated two contrasting ideas as to where artworks might be placed, so as to be accessible to Pobol audiences throughout Wales.  The first was the use the highly visible exhibition site of the roadside billboard, the second the discrete placement artworks in the landscape, only alert passers-by would discover the hidden works.  Clearly one approach does not rule out the other, it remains to be seen which direction the actor/characters decide to take their ideas, maybe ways of connecting the two diametrically opposed approaches will surface.  As the project facilitator I am  delighted that the actors are so ambitious in considering the possibilities of creating a contemporary artwork as a collective.

About Greenburrows

I am an artist filmmaker and researcher working in higher education, based in South Wales.
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