The aim of the residency is to explore the potential for creating participatory artwork, within a culturally diverse community of fictional characters. Some Cwmderi characters express their identity creatively using their voices or hands, effectively demonstrated in co-operatively running a radio station.  Rarely, if ever, have folk from any UK Soap, encountered contemporary art.
Over a nine-month period, I will strive to engage Pobol characters in the production of an artwork, one that expresses how Pobol characters relate to their surroundings. The artwork produced may take the form of a single material artefact or a composite multi-media work.  The residency will commence with a series of engagement activities as a method of developing a shared vocabulary and in order to identify themes that matter to the characters. Drawing inspiration from Elbowroom’s successful projects in provoking public debates on humanist issues.
These activities will be designed to stimulate Pobol characters to consider different ways in which to approach the creation and reading of contemporary artworks. Major artworks of international significance will be used as reference points in steering the characters on the participatory journey. Experts in interpretation (possibly from the National Museum of Wales) will be invited to argue for the artworks they recognise of contemporary significance.


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