There in the Streets of Cwmderi Lies a Wealth of Potential

Almost all the introductions to the characters have taken place, via the actors who play the characters the creation process can begin. Conversations with the actors revealed a wealth of dexterous abilities; there are plumbers, plasters, draughtsman/women, painters, potters, photographers and writers (If writing can be classed as a dexterous act). Awareness of the cast’s creative and manual skills certainly inspires hope in the character’s confidence to participate in the residency activities.


As a result of the one-to-one discussions with actors, themes have begun to surface, Themes considered broad enough to accommodate different character perspectives and focused enough to serve as meaningful metaphors for the participatory process.

From this point onwards one key concern is to locate the air pockets for play in a watertight work schedule, shooting 70 pages, five days a week!

About Greenburrows

I am an artist filmmaker and researcher working in higher education, based in South Wales.
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