The room above The Deri where the actor, character and artist meet to make creative contact.

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Actors Bring their Characters to the White Room

Meeting the actors on a one-to-one basis, I began to build up a picture of their character’s perspective on the prospect of co-creating an artwork. As with any community, levels of enthusiasm varied depending on the outlook of the character. Focusing on the character’s sensitivity to the visual world each character took a questionnaire I had prepared away with them. Entitled “Cwmderi Eyes” the questionnaire asks the characters to reflect on their experiences of visual pleasure.  This initial investigation into the sensory world of the cast of characters continues with a further 25 actor/characters to encounter.

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Day 1. of the residency

Day 1. of the residency

Behind closed curtains the residence space is taking shape.

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Inga will begin the residency  in January 2014 located in the production studios of the Welsh language Soap Pobol y Cwm.  Funded by  Arts Council Wales, the aim of the residency is to explore how an artist concerned with further developing a methodology for  participatory art practice, might do so within a fictional community.  One of the purposes of the residency is to aerate  public debate about the relevance of contemporary art, within the context of a television drama series.

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